My name is Carlene. Dob is Dec 1, 1991.
Person in question is Sheena. Dob is Dec 5, 1992.

My question is, is anything romantic ever going to come out of this situation between me and my best friend Sheena? Also what are her feelings and intentions towards it and for me?

Thanks so much for your time.

Dear Carlene,

Maybe my antenna is off, but I feel like either you or she isn't being forthright about something, but this could be just literally not being direct, holding something back, not straight-out lying, but lying by omission.

I feel a lot of drama between you and around you, but as in theatrics, movies, entertainment. Feels like this is a very strong personal and physical attraction -- magnets - but there's a lot of ego in the way. Lots of other people also seem to be just "around," and I feel like it's an atmosphere of pressure, again I feel like I imagine it would feel to be famous. You can talk in circles and not realize it. I hear a lot of words, a lot of talking. You're also smart, a reader, go through things quickly, pick them right up. Your train of thought starts on one thing, and in the next sentence, you've brought up something else entirely. You're also a very independent, unconventional person, and it feels to me that she has a little more caution about her than you. I see you as just a force to be dealt with, and one who takes risks willingly because that equals living to you, but she's not as dynamic -- you're definitely the leader here, and I feel like she feels she's being collared or controlled or a little overtaken, pressured.

Feel Sheena is very much a "feeling" thinker and you are an "intellectual" thinker, and she also has a lot more need for security and doesn't sense that in you; I feel this won't work out because I feel uncomfortable, again as though I'm being pressured. I think she admires/likes you a great deal, but you tend to kind of overwhelm her with your energy and independence. She needs a lot more stability, tradition, etc. She's really super-sensitive to things you don't even notice; this might affect her health, and smoking only makes it worse. She's full of anxiety, this girl! And she tends to keep going/getting fuel from a sense of fear. I kind of worry about her, like I would worry about a daughter, but I can't help it. I don't think she's in danger or anything like that; it's just what I get.

I'm hearing "I told you I did," from her, meaning she may have once said she loved you, but then she wow, she can make (and I feel did make) a fast U-turn regarding that statement -- and love, in general. Not ready. Nor are you, to settle down, but I don't think that's what you're looking for right now -- and it may be a lifelong thing for you, the idea of "settling down" -- that might put YOU into a fear spiral, worrying about your lack of control.

So, overall, for God's sake (I don't know why I can't just answer the question like most people -- I have to drag out everything that comes to me and the kitchen sink), I think though a love relationship isn't in the cards for you two, man, you can be allies with a capital A. And you need them. Month of May, or May 2, or February 2, or the 2nd of a month is significant somehow, and I'm hearing "shape shifting" and "she's like a snake," as in Sheena, moving away. In the desert. Doubt. Self-doubt. She does have a great intensity about her, but I feel like her career/life is going to veer off into something regarding writing or speaking but on her own terms, like an entrepreneur. If not, then that may be her dream. You're set already!:) If you're not in entertainment in some capacity, you well should be -- you're "one to watch" I'm hearing.

Hope this helps, and if anything seems disjointed or does not make any sense at all (just heard "Lillian," no clue), try to read between the lines and see the subtleties. I'm a receiver, but I don't get things clearly; it's always like trying to hear something through a lousy AM radio station. They also just show me flashes and give me hunches, feelings, and I may be interpreting them incorrectly. Also, it's always a good idea to keep this and any other readings you get, either recorded or written, and take them out in a few month's or year's time, when it may make more sense. Time does not exist in spirit.

Glad you wrote and hope you'll continue to do well. If anything, you can be a mentor, a true friend, someone to support Sheena, because you have a strong nurturing, caring presence about you, and you can help each other in many ways. Just don't push the romantic thing. And yes, you look great; you're so conscious of your appearance, it sometimes shows! But rock this energy and your looks as long as you can, but when it starts to fade with time, don't push it. Never do that.

With Truth and Beauty,


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