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Laura 12/9/90
Hoping to get my spirit guides name(s?) and a little about them? When they visit or are around (and how I can know) etc. Also any messages?

Thank you!

Dear Laura,

Hello back! You have a lovely, light energy. Your self-confidence is very high, and I don't encounter that kind of honest dignity very often. I'd be surprised if you didn't work in this or a similar field; feel you are a natural meditator, healer, helper, but also get that you can sometimes assist people without any expectation of a "reward," which can sometimes lead to burnout or getting taken advantage of.

They're on about this, indicating you're helping the "wrong people" or those who don't really need it and to seek out other, more charitable, volunteer work within a non-profit agency, such as work with the elderly, calling "shut-ins" every day or some such program, to ensure that they get a call every day and aren't isolated.

Your guides seem to be either coming to me from different areas of the world, as in countries, as I am hearing "Brasilia" (this is and they are neither gender, and they do not care what you call them, but they show me "the world" and want to be associated with the names or the exploration, at least, of many different countries. I have a lot of pink on one, and I'm going with the Czech Republic there for some reason; this is the love/affection guide. You have about 12, kind of "hovering" but two very precise ones, the Brasilia and another that makes me think of Czech R., but I don't get a name per se.

They seem to also "bring clouds," because I'm seeing a lot of clouds, but they seem to be in patterns that resemble illustrations or clearly show a person's face or something -- this could also mean you travel astrally and often awaken very refreshed, feeling as though you've been "soaring" through the air.

Also the number 33, such as an address, your age, March 3, or 3:30 p.m. or a.m. come to me -- this could of course also mean the Trinity; not quite sure why I am seeing that, but it comes across very clearly and would be something to look for 'hint-wise.' Other than that, I feel like they've been around you when you knew or suspected that they were; they tend to act like "she knows us." Also do you wear a lot of white, or have a white kind of cloak, gauzy, flowing, and I'm reminded of the Stevie Nicks costumes with this -- that kind of clothing.

Travel is accented in a big way in your life, and your work in healing is connected to this as well. They also seem to appear near boulders, large rocks, or a granite or rock quarry -- these kind of things in nature may resonate with you.

Don't look too hard for them or for signs that they're there -- they always are, and if you just call upon them, they come closer. The more you meditate, the more attuned you will feel with them, so use those mental muscles and get to know them better -- you're very gifted!

God's Blessings,


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