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QUESTION: Hello Gipsy, I've been studying cards and the occult subjects since I was 15 years old. I have done card readings for family, friends and strangers. Some have told me I've been very accurate.  Especially strangers. I'd like to know if I have any psychic abilities with the cards or if I have the potential to do this as a career? I also have very vivid dreams. Any honest guidance that you feel for me is greatly appreciated. My birthdate is Jan.11 1983. Thank you :)

ANSWER: We're all psychic Jessica - you don't need me to guide you with this :) the way I see it (just my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own view...) everyone is psychic, but some are 'more so' because of the numerous past lives they have lived, and the experiences they have gained from them. If you feel you're psychic, trust your intuition and push yourself at it - just like you would with any subject. Being a 'psychic' is not my career :) instead it's my 'hobby', so you have to ask yourself what motivates you - if it's money, you can forget about it - if it's something else (i.e. for the greater good)... then ask your personal Guardian Angel to help you become more aware of your gifts, and guide you to the right people to help you develop it. There are many great teachers here, pick a few and learn - but then remember to follow your intuition. I learnt to develop my gifts from my personal Spirit Guides as a child of 6/7 years old... so you should find what works for you... and follow it. All the best :)

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for responding and with your good advice. Just want to lnow if it's all in my head or of I do have some talent or ability with the cards or this area in general? I have dreams where people are praying for me, I'm reading cards or people are doing the same, and telling me things. Thank you Gipsy!

Using my Tarot deck - Card 1. Three of Pentacles; people appreciate you but you are just at the beginning stages of what it is you're trying to achieve. You cannot pursue a career yet because the seed of creativity has not been planted yet, you are still trying to understand yourself and express the creative energies within you.

Card 2. Seven of Swords; you're running away from your real responsibilities and thinking that by being a 'psychic' you can take the easy way out. You want to be independent right away, yet you lack skill. You have a very bad view of yourself, that you think that by being a 'psychic' you can boost your self-esteem. So... the reason that you are seeking to be a psychic, is that other people can sing you praises, and your Ego can feed off of it.

Card 3. Eight of Cups; You have lost a sense of who you are, so you need to really spend time alone and listen to your intuition, find yourself... you've already realized something is missing from your life - use this time to find yourself rather than help others.

Are you going to take this answer as a no you cannot be a psychic, or are you going to follow the initial advice given and seek to further your development after finding out who you are - you are not ready to guide another, because you have not found yourself... nor do you trust your own intuition, so how can another trust your intuition/ psychic gifts?!  


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