QUESTION: Hello Chinhee!

I would like to say that you were probably very spot on on everything you told me, and thank you for allowing I and others receive your wisdom and knowledge on things.

I(5/3/1994) have a really quick question,and that's it:
Does John(6/19/1994)  still have those feelings towards me?

I suspected that he still does, but he acts somewhat normal but something always looks/seems off when I'm around with him.

ANSWER: Jordan;

Oh I believe you asked this question in your last message.  He definately still has feelings for you.  I want to call him a "Quiet Stalker" but not in a scary, negative way.  In a admiring, adoring fan type of way.  He just doesn't feel good enough or confident enough to do anything about his feelings.  Which is sad, because he suffers internally.  You need to let him suffer until he breaks down and initiates contact and expressing feelings.  I strongly believe he will!  Feel free to keep me posted!  Here or at

Hang in there!

Chinhee Park

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for everything Chinhee!

Quick question:  What exactly does he like about me?  Also, he regrets what he's done to me?

ANSWER: I do feel he feels bad about what he did.  So yeah he probably does regret it.  I feel he likes alot about you.  But, he has to step up to the plate and confess it.  You have to wait for him to do that.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks again!

John acts like nothing is wrong, and with what you tell me, it really irritates me at times. You really think that John will open up to me about things/you see that he will? Also, why doesn't he feel good enough?

Me(Jordan): May 3, 1994
John: June 19, 1994


I do feel JOhn will open up to you, if it's not happening now, it will in the future.  He has to get ready to do it on his own.  Him not feeling good enough has nothing to do with you, but his own issues.  He needs to heal more to be able to see you more clearly.  Hang in there.


Chinhee Park


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