Greetings Nina and thank you so very much for helping me get through this confusion.

My name is Frankie born in 1967. His name is Tony born in 1961. Please tell me if I am feeling anxiety for no reason or if my boyfriends heart is truly in this. I'm starting to get a bit confused with him. Please don't hold back and tell me as you see it.  He is a very sweet person but very confusing.
Thank you!

Card 1 Lake, stillness; shows a tranquil peaceful lake, telling you that you should find the center within yourself by being in a quiet nature place. Card 2 Rainbow, blessings the storm is passing, lately it's been difficult to make sense of what's happening, but you should count your blessings by first finding who you are within, and then you'll be able to appreciate others or know which direction to take in your outer environment. Card 3 Clouds, shapeshifting; have you been unknowingly losing yourself within Tony, becoming who he wants you to be and losing your sense of identity? Be aware of this, and I am sensing it is very important to know who you are even though it will be a vulnerable time for you now... it is healthy to maintain boundaries.

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