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My name is Elizabeth, born in 1980. The guy involved is Matthew, born in 1978. I met Matthew while traveling Europe with my best friend in 2001. We had instant chemistry and a connection unlike anything I've ever experienced. We would have dated, but I am from Texas and he is from New Zealand. Through emails, phone calls, and Facebook we have kept in touch with one another since then. Three weeks ago we started Skyping and we talk almost every night for anywhere from 2-6 hours. I feel more connected and attracted to him than ever; physically, mentally, and spiritually. I would like to know if this long distance romance has the potential to be "the one", because it sure feels like it

Using my tarot deck - only one card has been dealt - Two of Pentacles - this is not a card that screams out 'this is the one etc' instead it talks about a need to slow down and think about what it is you're thinking you're feeling. Sometimes it's too easy to just try to fit a peg into the hole it doesn't fit, to fill the void within. Questions to ask yourself, are you being yourself, or are you being who Matthew wants you to be? At the end of the reflection, if you feel he's 'the one' then, try not to control the outcome because you'll just be delaying the inevitable. Go with the flow, and understand that sometimes love is letting go of another.


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