My date of birth is 03/26/1954. I have been actively seeking full time stable employment for many years now. Although I am fortunate to work sporadically it is not enough to support me or move me forward in life. I do believe I finished my education to pursue my 'mission" in life and make a difference. but the opportunity has not presented itself and the stress/ money issues keep growing. I feel that I am supposed to physically change location but what/where do you feel my job/career is?

Thank you for taking the time to help me...I appreciate it more than you know.

Dear Joan,

What a great time this is going to be, changing career focus, changing lots of things. I see a lot of color and a great sense of design or decoration or gardening/flowers/plants around you but feel that will remain a hobby. Feel you're really restless to do something that has to do with crisis situations, but in a group, and within a large organization or big business, like police or hospital work, like the OR, scheduling surgeries, or dispatching calls for help or for others in crisis. Feel you need to speak up or work on behalf of the underdog, those in need, but in a semi-chaotic, sometimes fast-paced way that will allow you to use your organizational skills because I feel you also think and work best on your feet and when everyone is under a bit of stress.

I also feel like you need someone or even yourself to give yourself permission to do this, almost like you're sort of uncertain or shy or feel "too old" or like it will wear you out, but though it will at first, soon, it will energize you. It's definitely time to climb out of the comfort zone that's become a bit of a rut and use your maturity and the extra intelligence that comes with spending more years on the planet than fewer.

Florida comes up somewhere here, but this could be about another person close to you or someone you know who used to live there; not sure this is the right place to go, but it might be; again, I'm with big, big companies, filling vital roles in slots that some people might not want to take. I'd stay away from medical as in nursing, or direct patient contact, just as I don't feel you'd be best at working with the public, face-to-face, in a public way, like the police, but behind the scenes, filling a very vital role. You have a strong sense of justice about you that seems to want to express itself, so go toward those causes or special interest groups that resonate with you and that you feel you'd want to fight for, speak for, etc. I feel like it's all about letting you passion override your innate insecurity and even a little bit of shyness that can even lead you to be secretive or too insular. Forget all that; you've earned the right to do whatever you feel like you want, and it's none of your business what other people think of you anyway!:)

Again, the words that keep coming at me are justice, judge, as well as research, teaching, leading, and I kind of feel like I'm being drawn to the past, something that you used to do with great zeal and interest but that had to be put down, like a paint palette or something, but it's more than that - it's like you had to put down your passion, suppress it, and I'm in the teens, early 20s with this, something you really were good at and loved to do. Still feels like it's a social/personal but not "in your face" personal kind of cause or a certain stance on something. I also see you holding the American flag.

Give yourself permission. Be kind, be generous, give back to yourself. You've given out enough without getting anything back. It's time for an about-face in YOUR direction.

I Wish You Truth and Beauty,


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