I was born on 27 November 1983,Saudi Arabia
I need advice for my career.I feel lost.I feel that I have potential and talents but it goes in vain.
any help would be appreciated

Using Lenormand cards - Mice, Book, Man - Have you ever read or watched Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll? There's a scene where Alice goes to the Caterpillar

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
Caterpillar: "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
Alice: "I don't much care where -"
Caterpillar"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”

Your cards are telling you that the more you doubt, the more doubtful and uncertain energies you will create. You have to make up your own mind and decide what it is that you want to do. Then strive at it, and then you will find that the road opens up for you. "Rome was not built in a day!"


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