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My first name is Chong, my full name is Chong  Jin  Liang  a male, Dob:  2 November 1973...

Asking about love and career reading ?

Dear Chong,

I feel like I'm going in two directions -- like you have a lot of tension, yet I have affection with you, also, which I feel is not being outwardly directed, but you have it in great reserve. Also feel you would work best on a team, preferably just two people -- you and another person, and that your skills are vastly different but complement each other.

Also feel you have great consideration and kindness for people in general, and that this has been a lonely time for the past year or so, or the right people just haven't shown up, and though I feel you've been very active, busy, and social, I still see you standing alone.

As you move forward or even right now, feels like an "L" and a "W" name comes in very strongly (first or last initial), someone who works in a similar capacity - I feel like I'm in the same area/building, close proximity, but not in the same company. Something about a fish logo or something that looks like a fish or similar animal as a company emblem, etc., is part of where this person is, either at home or work. Feel you will meet or have already met the person this year and I see a very small kitchen, linoleum floors, a small, neat, tidy square, grayish-colored table with yellow flowers, yellow accents in the kitchen, a small room but very comfortable and neat, and I don't know if I'm going ahead or seeing where you are now. Yellow place mats, that kind of thing.

Also in this year, you'll feel less of a strain to move, act, do, go, and shift gears to become more relaxed, ready for a quiet harmony with another person. Don't feel you were ready last year. Too busy lining things up. I feel like you're either already at the start of this new relationship or it will begin shortly. Patience and fairness and a sense of allowing someone else's opinion to be present is the key. Also feel when the Moon is full and at the New Moon each month, these are special times for romance.

On to career -- if you're not in a "talking" job, where you can verbally express yourself, I don't think you'll be very happy. Something of a stall -- feel I'm in a stalled car -- but you can change this; part of it I feel is that you don't want to feel you've been "beaten" or that you've "lost face" or that "they've won," so you won't leave a certain situation. But I feel like it has to change, or your moods are going to get even worse, and that's not conducive to a work or romantic life. It's something to do with public speaking, religion, even, in some capacity, teaching, showing people how things work; instructing, particularly in technical fields where you can use a common, understandable language so that the average person will get the message and learn. If you're not doing any of this, it's time to quit (and I don't often say that but I really feel very stuck) and start doing what you are naturally drawn to -- and you know what that is, even if I'm off a bit. I feel you've kind of always known, but haven't pursued it for others' reasons/needs -- parents, etc. Now it's time to take off independently, trust your instincts and go for what you enjoy, and I feel like it's kind of a U-turn, a completely different direction you'll be going in -- if you stay with the same company, there's change within; something has to change, because I feel I'm in a rut.

Try not to see life as a war to win, or a constant struggle; feel you put too much intensity into the everyday aspect of things, and I wish I could make you relax, but since I can't, that's my advice!:)

I hope this helps, and thank you for writing.

Truth and Beauty,


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