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Hello. Thank you for your time. My name is Amber Martin born March 29, 1990. I've been working so hard but it's not hard enough. Maybe I should work smarter...  I really want to know how will I obtain financial abundance/freedom for my household and end this money drought? Once again, thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Amber,

Thank you for writing. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what I'm feeling, but I'll give it a whirl -- it's a feeling of intense mental work, using your mind, but not your voice, not expression, so much: I feel like I'm in research, probing the mind, psyche, psychology, counseling, psychiatry, mental health, which doesn't call on my verbal needs, and I feel like that's being held back a bit, as though you're not able to verbally express yourself (or physically, either, in your work). I feel like I'm thinking so much I'm getting a headache and can't sleep, my mind is whirling still.  

On one hand, I feel like this IS the area or kind of career you might likely be well suited for, but something about the position you're in feels wrong; it feels like you're working too hard at the wrong thing, or something that does not give back, either emotionally or financially. It's not growing; it's not abundant, and to be so, you'll need to use your voice more. I just feel like you're not talking much, and you NEED to -- I feel like a plant that wants to grow but someone is holding it beneath ground.

I don't feel like you'll have to change fields or specialties, necessarily, but change something WITHIN that field or area; there are contacts you can make that you may feel shy about asking for assistance in learning more/seeking new ways to promote some real "action," but they will be pleased you asked; there are people you know who have worlds of information and knowledge of other people, places, avenues you can take or go to for a new corridor, because this one is threadbare and worn out!:)

I feel like I'm near a factory or a large, large organization in which many different tasks are carried out. If you're not in that space now, it feels like you will be, and it will allow you to literally move about more and speak more. There's also something about using your intuition and intelligence to a greater extent, like a muscle, and the more you use it, the more you will excel. A lot of people seem to be "held up" during this time, feeling stuck, etc., but this doesn't have to be the case, and I can't blame it on anything planetary; it arises within people who instinctively know they are worth much more and have an inner urge to give more without worrying about not receiving enough in return. It's about writing, publishing, self-expression, and how to extend that to others. You're a visionary who's been kept down for a spell, and this is naturally distressing!

Overall, I feel like as the year progresses (we've only just begun May, and your birthday was near the beginning of April), you'll start to feel more enthusiastic and ready for adventure in a general sense, which will translate well to your career. I feel like you have a lighthearted year ahead, when playtime, so to speak, or fun activities are much greater than usual.

One thing to avoid: you may increase your income, but your spending habits may 'outspend' what you can reasonably afford, so act like a Libra:) and try to maintain a good balance to avoid scattering your energy and keeping things in good perspective and balance.

I hope this helps, and I know it sounds scattered itself, but a lot of this is just about setting things in two rows: the things you want to keep, and the things that no longer serve any purpose/drag you down/do you no good, and they're kind of in conflict with each other. Also feel a mother figure may be involved here in some way, on your mind, or holding you back without either of you realizing it. Whatever the case, there is much to be gained AND thrown away this year - and time to start speaking and expressing and stop holding things in. Lots of 'YES' and 'NO' files to sort through, if you see what I mean!

Always, always, trust your instincts -- they will never steer you the wrong way.

Good Luck and God's Blessings,


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