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Dec 8, 1989

In mid of 2012, I met a guy online. We had a very deep strong spiritual connection but I do not know much about him. After a few months he disappeared.
I still feel him from time to time and I do not know if my mind just making this up or it is real.
My question is: am I going to meet him in the near future or whatever was between us is done?
Thank you

Dear Aisha,

I feel like he's definitely out of the picture. I think you do have a way of sometimes creating better experiences in your imagination than you'd EVER have in real, day-to-day life, and that's not a bad thing -- you'll save yourself a lot of heartache, money, time, and stress!

The important thing is to always remember that you had what you did -- people often don't realize that THIS is the gift -- don't be sorry or sad that it ended; be grateful that you had this kind of connection. Some people never do, and it IS a great gift.

I feel like you fall in love easily but then start edging back when it becomes too close or intimate, or when someone wants to really commit, and you do this likely because it is better for you to sometimes cultivate your dream man and let that live in your imagination until you feel you're ready for the real thing. I think it's healthy, because it shows you have creative ways of giving to yourself and that you think enough of yourself to want to be happy. Sadness doesn't come into this at all with me, even though I do feel he's gone for good. Treasure what you had; he remembers it, too, and no one else but you two have this.

God's Blessings!


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