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Psychics/when/how will i get a job?


my name is meet and my dob is june 16,1980.

i have been looking for a job for very long and applied to countless companies. i have ended up being exhausted and frustrated now. i have not worked for many years so don't have any recent work experience to show in my resume. could be the reason why the employers would hesitate to hire me.

i don't know what to do. i am still applying for jobs, but don't know what else to do to enhance my chances of getting a job.

can you please tell me how will i find my first job?
i myself am a tarot reader but as you must be knowing it is very difficult at times to read for self.

i keep getting two kinds of work/jobs coming my way at the same time. it could be that i am messing up with my own readings or i might actually end up working at two places, one full time and other part time? i don't know. may be if i know from what sector i will be getting this job i can try looking in that direction. am just trying to narrow down the vast list of options i am exploring currently in the hope of better outcome.

anything that you could tell me about my job situation will be greatly helpful as i have become hopeless now:((

kind regards

Using Lenormand cards - Ring, Snake - deep within you, emotionally you are being dishonest with yourself about jobs that you're looking for, or something job related has an emotional attachment/ dishonesty to it; when you decide to change this, then another woman can help you find a job.


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