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Hi please can you use your power to locate where my Indian gold bracelet is? It's been about 4-5 years since I lady wore it and since then I can't find it, but I still gave a feeling it's somewhere in my house but I just can't find it ... Can you help please . Thanks

here's a 'spell' to help you find it yourself.

Use a white candle, and before you light it say something like 'I call upon the Keeper of the Lost Objects to help me find what I seek" Now enter a meditative state (get rid of your thoughts, and focus on finding that lost bracelet - just trust that you'll find it because you're seeking it) then set your intention

Keeper of that which has disappeared,
Find for me what I seek
By the powers of Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water
I call upon what once was lost to return to me now

Let the candle burn down at least half way, and then as you blow out the candle, thank the Keeper for lighting the path. Then Amina, trust that when the time is right, this bracelet will turn up in the most unexpected place.

(or use a metal detector!)


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