I would like to know if my long distance boyfriend(Dustin, August 22) and I(Lillian, February 1) will be together for more than a year

Dear Lillian,

I don't feel like you'll make it to quite one year, but it feels pretty intact to me for a long-distance connection, and it feels like it will go on for eight, nine months at least (but oddly I feel I'm with eight, nine years for some reason), and then after that I feel there's a break or a "time out" -- but it feels like it has real staying power and will pick up again, and I feel the winter months very strongly with the "best times" -- OR I could be picking up on the area(s) where you live, if it's in the far north -- but I'm definitely in winter.

So, it's like you'll keep going, then stop but it isn't acrimonious; it feels like a mutual decision, then pick it up again just a month or two after that. This is a curious feeling; I'm not quite sure, but something feels a bit off when you say you're long-distance; I feel like you're closer, but maybe you just feel very close.

I also get that you might put him first a lot of times; try to balance that out and accept just as much attention as you give yourself. It's a feeling of giving and giving without any expectation of receiving much in return; that's the only real imbalance I get. The other thing that might work well and to your advantage with this is that I feel your energy needs to have more personal space in a relationship, and that it might just suit you best to not live in the same city or state; many, many couples manage this quite well.

Dustin has a more jumpy, even nervous energy, it feels to me, but the kind that constructively allows a person to "get moving," and I feel like he has that effect on you; sometimes you may need a little "spark" here and there, and he seems to give that. It's also a good match because I don't feel a lot of people around him, feel he's more of a loner type but who needs a great deal of attention -- maybe that's why I felt you were giving so much. When he feels he can trust you 100 percent, which may take him more time than most people, then you'll both be able to relax a bit more. I feel like he can be critical at times, and that he does not like or didn't like one or both of his parents and that this comes up a lot. Still, there's a pretty good sense of balance here, as long as you don't allow him to keep driving the car; take the wheel away once in a while and move things more in your direction and toward YOUR needs, and work it out as you go.

I hope this helps, and thank you for writing.

God's Blessings,


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