Name- rishi raj singh, dob- 28th July 1977, time- 12.38pm, place- Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh,India.
My questions is about marriage. I have got divorced last year but we were separated for 5.5 years now. I was engaged(to be married upon divorce) to another woman during this time and in January this year I broke off with her. Now I am dating an Iranian woman but I am not sure about marriage with her.

Do you see me getting married soon and with any of these 2 woman- my ex fiancee or my present girlfriend.

Thank you. Your help will be appreciated.
God bless!"

Using Lenormand cards - Fish, Book, Bear, Snake, Garden - the problem is you not either of these girls, you have problems trusting your own intuition and problems relying on whether you can have the strength to face anything you're going through, so you close yourself off from others to prevent honest communications. Your financial life is affecting your love life, to the point where you get aggressive over love, misunderstanding the true meaning of love.  


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