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DOB March 20th 1991.

Hi Gipsyy!!! Love and light to you. :)

Ive been single for quite some time now, loving myself finally but still...still havent seen my guy yet :(

Do you see anything for me?

Using Lenormand cards - Bouquet, Bear - how amazingly beautiful J! a powerful love is coming your way :) :) don't you fret girl, everything will happen when the time is right. For now, continue loving yourself and the wonderful lady that you are. You are a life path 7/25, which means that your greatest challenge is trusting others, but first you have to trust yourself. You will most likely settle down with this powerful love as you get older and more wiser within yourself... but the sooner you love yourself 99.9% now... the more chances he comes closer sooner rather than later.


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