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What purpose must I be fulfilling at this time?

Dear Andie,

Feel like you just ended a pretty major chapter in your life and rounded a corner starting last year, around your birthday, and it feels like 2013 was a "Sun year" of action, starting new things, even being surprised at your new ideas and values in life, but this year (2014), I feel like that though you're still arranging these new paths/ideas, you're moving on to a quieter, less chaotic time in which your energy is more contained, like a "Moon year." I see the moon quite clearly as I speak to you; it's a very feminine energy that wants to show strength within beauty, and it's also a time for companionship -- a more stable, easy, fulfilling, warm connection than you've had before may crop up -- and I feel if it does, it will do so out of the blue and seem quite effortless, like most things that will occur this year. It's not necessarily a year of "coupledom" in the traditional way; it's broader than that.

Feel like your needs this year will be MORE fulfilled as you meet the needs of others instead of yourself and even close love relationships. It's a very universal, Pisces-like, responsive kind of feeling. It will require gentleness and a deeper, more universal understanding about how we are all the same, no matter where we live, what we look like -- and this will sound very trite but I see Angelina Jolie as a physical, living symbol of the kind of giving I'm trying to put across. You don't have to cross several time zones or be in other countries; you can create and be your own brand of humanitarian, and I feel like you've felt this coming or you've been given slight, subtle signs for quite a few months.

To ask about your path and where you need to be is ITSELF indicative of a very, very deep, moving inner restlessness combined with an urgency to arrive at that place. Most people do not ask this question, and this shows that you are an old soul who needs to help in more expansive ways than you have before. We're all here to love, but your energy feels like it's now becoming more connected to a foreign outpost/place where there is real suffering. Somehow, I feel you're going to become part of a larger movement to help these people and be in a position to express and send your direct empathy and concern. I also have a bird (talking bird) around me, and I don't know if this is your totem animal, a parrot or parakeet or that you have one now, or that you will be using these beautiful animals in some way to extend your love and assistance in this new endeavor. It plays a part somehow, and it could be that when you see them, that will be a trigger to let you know you're on the right path, and I see you wearing crystal-like sandals, which sounds like it would hurt, (!) but it doesn't, and it feels quite like walking in soft dirt, in a cave, very light, so your feet may be specially adorned in some way, or this may just be an image to symbolize your "new tread" in life.

Everything points to a need for you to touch the earth and the people who live here with a great amount of love to the universal "everyone." This is a good year, and you will remember it well. Have patience at your side, and calm waters will await you.

Truth and Beauty,


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