Hi, I recently met someone who seems like he has potential for long term relationship. Do you see if he's someone I will be with or no?

Johana April 1
Manny January 16


Dear Johana,

I do get good, friendly, easy vibes with this; it doesn't feel too intense or too distant or complicated ... it feels like a very easygoing relationship, if that's what you're looking for. Feel like you might have experienced some disappointment in love before, even several times, but I don't get that with Manny. But it's just begun, so let me see what comes up --

I do feel a sense of physical distance, like perhaps someone has moved recently or is about to, or you live more than 30 minutes away from each other, but you both have upbeat personalities, and it feels like you're in some similar "group" -- I don't know if this is a community/social group, or if it's cultural or even lifestyle-wise, as in being brought up in similar ways with similar values, etc. It's a feeling of "Yes, I understand that" about each other.

Also get a feeling that he's not quite as open as you are to life's adventures; he may tend to be a little more restrained or conventional, or even spiritual. There's a bit of a feeling that he likes to be alone a lot more than you do to recharge his batteries, but I don't feel that's a problem right now. I also see a turtle, and I think it's associated with him, so that may mean he moves rather slowly and thoughtfully, doesn't just plunge in to things without thinking, and also that he can withdraw into a shell a bit, or maybe he literally keeps reptiles!:)

With you, I see a fire engine, like a model figurine toy, or a fire station, or a bright red car or something that involves fire-red regarding transportation, but I'm with fire trucks/trains that feel like those little models people have. I think I'm with you on this, and I don't know what that means, either, but I'm picking up separate energies, not merged ones very much, because I don't/can't quite "put you together" because it feels too soon/too recent.

Your working styles may be different, but that doesn't seem to matter in the long term; just in case, though, I feel you're more of a work-alone, independent person or a manager on some level, and he needs to work more in a group atmosphere. He does seem to be very spiritual on some level that's beyond the usual. He takes his brand of belief/spirituality very seriously. I think I'd like him, and you have cheerful energy, too, so why not! I hope it works out, though I do feel he can get a little snippy or irritable if things don't go as he's planned or on a certain kind of schedule he's worked out. I also feel a few children around him but don't feel like they're his; more like an uncle or big brother feeling. If he has children, I feel like they're a bit distant, but I could be off on that; not quite sure on that one. Overall, though, I'd sure be interested in seeing how this goes if I were you, so good luck!

God's Blessings,


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