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My name is Bonnie born March 26th 1980 he is Todd born August 15th 1974.  We have been together since Labor day 2013.  We have definitely had our ups and downs, but I have carried most of the relationship both emotionally and financially.  He is currently taking care of a personal situation that is much needed but after that has assured me that he's going to start doing his part and then some.  This is the first time I've really felt that he's meant it and I honestly feel that he means it.  I'm madly in love with him but terrified to be let down and hurt again.  Will he start picking up his half of the relationship?

He will , you met in a time frame where he seemed extremely pre-occupied and it was challenging for him to be there for you emotionally , He will be better, but honestly this type of thing will happen again. he is the type of personality that will drop people, things , etc when he is consumed with stress or other things.  


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