Dear Oracle Shariananda,

I've read through some of your past answers and noticed that you're amazingly wise and are an excellent counselor, and you used to live in the USA?  Did you find that your wisdom and gifts are better put to use in Denmark?   Have you ever lived anywhere where people didn't seem to be so selfish?  Why is there so much selfishness?  I used to hang out with a woman for many years until one day I noticed that she doesn't have the ability to think about other people's needs. I always drove and I always had to wear my coat to avoid freezing while she kept the window down because she was hot. It never occurred to her to take off her coat and leave the window up because I was so super cold even wearing my coat.  Then I started noticing that most people are like her. They don't think about anyone else but themselves.  I'm totally the opposite. I always think about other people and I enjoy seeing people be happy and well. I always ask people how they are doing because I'm interested in them. Whenever someone came to my home, I used to feel sort of annoyed but I never undrstood why until now.  They never came to visit me or to take any interest in me. It's all about them looking to see what kind of stuff I have.  Now selfishness  bothers me that I have little tolerance for selfish people. Why is there so much selfishness?  I don't think it's right for me to be this way.  Laura

Dear Laura--May you find new joy in a change of perspective and may you be blessed with the joy of receiving.Nam myoho renge kyo. (The chant for Cause-effect--Great Spiritual Law)

Thank you for taking the time to read through some of my past answers. I appreciate the time you took to choose me. I did used to live in the USA. I was born there and most of my life has been there. I have only been in Denmark a year and a half tomorrow.  I fell in love and had to come here to be with my beloved. We could legally marry. We did.

My gifts are not put to better use here, but here I find in a more accepting environment. I have an online and in person business here. This place has a two-faced social character. In the matter of tradition and family, they are warm and caring and welcoming. But on the streets, they will bump into you, step over or reach over you. They smoke in places that pollute the air for those nearby, and they make little eye contact--as if to not see the other. But this is not so much selfish as it is a cultural virus. It's a way of being, not necessarily the way to be, and it is characteristic of Danes not all of humanity.

Laura, we see what we focus on. I typically focus on seeing the good in things, even rainy  days.
I try to explain to myself why this or that person is acting the way they are. Sometimes when people seem to take and not give, it's because they feel cheated or without enough. Sometimes it is because they have been robbed or left wanting by a divorce or a death. One never knows what provokes of motivates human behavior-- for example, selfishness. Everybody has circumstances that dictate to their actions on any given day. So if you look for selfishness, it will always show itself to you. But have compassion for those who have not yet evolved to cosmic consciousness.

Your job as a giving and considerate person is to go on setting the world a good example no matter what. Just this day I had a letter from a man who wanted me to feel sorry for him because he can't divorce his wife fast enough to keep the sweet young thing he's cheating with. He explained how conflicted and confused he felt, yet he was not thinking about them at all. His wife was hurting because he had been unfaithful,and if she accepts divorce, she will have to start over and she is over 40. The girl friend is expected to wait and ignore the fact that she is giving up her youth and child bearing years. And to live in adultery besides. So, yes, many people cannot see the backside of the mirror because they do not look, cannot look.

So you must not spend good energy hating or being disgusted by those who fail to hold the door open for the next person as they exit it. You must not pay attention to those who push from behind in a que-line. You must ignore the young men who do not offer to carry the two bags for the lady who is struggling along. Pray nam myoho renge kyo or some prayer of blessing for the situation. If they could do better, don't you know they would? There are hundreds of opportunities for considerate and loving acts of kindness. So look to see them happening. Otherwise you will poison your own spirit.

The Serenity Prayer would be good to say daily, and to remember it's lesson: the wisdom to know the difference between the things you can change and those you can't. Truth be told, you can change the world by changing your own self. Look for the good. Free yourself from judgment.

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