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I was wondering if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong in my life right now when it comes to "moving on".

I broke up with my long-term boyfriend about 8 months ago, and since that day, I haven't felt complete. I've had so many happy times, and met so many wonderful people, but it just seems like something is holding me back from moving on. I'm not sure if I just haven't met the right person yet to move on, or if I'm not meant to move on, but I kind of feel like my life is at a standstill, while everything around me moves so quickly. My friends meet people, get over them, and move onto the next, but I feel like I've been holding myself back from really opening up to anyone. What can I do to get my life going on the right track and actually meet someone that will help me overcome this loneliness I am constantly feeling?

Thank you so much!

Hello Kia--In the name of the Great Good--Be Made Whole today.

First you are doing nothing wrong. It takes the time it takes for one to recover from a deep heart commitment. Second, you must not compare yourself to others. You are you and you and he had a chemistry that was yours alone. No one will ever replicate it. No two relationships are the same. How one is with one person is not how one is with another. It is just the fact of love. So stop beating up on yourself. You already have enough pain.

Third, you are mistaking couple bonding and separation for loneliness. You are not lonely, but alone with your own thoughts and re-runs of what happened and why and how. You have friends and you have family. They may not understand, but you have them. You must accept his alone ness as part of your process of healing. There will be good days and bad days--the bad days call for baths and tenderness to yourself.

The best thing you can do in this time between healing and finding new love is to do what you can to help others. Volunteer or make yourself available to someone who needs help. This allows you to give all that residual love you had that lies in your chest like a stone. But know this--your love (as is all human being's love) is an infinite, bottomless well. You have more love to give than you can ever use in a 100 life times. We are nothing but love and light and music.

That being said, if you cannot make new time in your life for helping someone or group, then take up a hobby that makes you feel good. Yoga, karate, piano, painting, singing, dancing, walking, even buy a pet.

I broke up with someone I loved with all my soul in 1996. I did not get over her until 2004. I kept dreaming about us getting back together. I kept trying to see who she was with and when (I was stalking ,but I didn't realize it). I kept sending little gifts of flowers and notes, and calling--I was begging to get back with her, but once I had cut the relationship off, she took it seriously and we never got back together. I cried and hurt so much. It went on for years. I kept her picture up. I put her name on my altar. I mediated. I went to places where I knew she would be. Almost 10 years this went on. Then, one day I woke up and the pain was gone. In that time
I developed my gifts as a psychic. I was struck by lightning (and was hurt for a long time), I got a dog, and I volunteered to pick up trash for my city each day. So, one step at a time. I rebounded with another woman but that only lasted a few months. It helped me see I had to heal naturally.

Oh, do not feel guilty because you carry torch for your ex. Allow it to be there. But, if you want to be well and whole again, then write his name down on a paper three times, beneath it, write, "I release you to your highest and best, and I ask the same." Then burn it up. That will set things on the right track for dissolution of the pain. Do not do it before you feel strong enough.

That's all I will say here. I could say more, but I sense you are quite intuitive and sensitive and can handle this advise and allow yourself the time you need. (I hope it doesn't take years as it did with stubborn me). Accept the grace of the lesson that his love taught you. Know that you will carry greater wisdom and greater capacity to love whenever you find new love.  

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