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Hi I am very depressed at the moment and struggling with finances. I am trying to get more regular work. Really trying to be positive but have had a lot of setbacks. Will things get better for me? Thank you and blessings Jean.

Greetings Jean and Good Morning!

Your Questions:  Will is get better?

Answer:  Your past has brought you many difficulties in your life.  Reflect on your past experiences to see the areas in your life where corrections must be made in order for to nullify (get rid of) negative people, thoughts and emotions that hinder you or that create blockages in your progress.  Your focus at this time should be expanding your horizons for better opportunities through education and research.  However, patience is required at this time, as I foresee these difficulties and blockages starting to resolve after July 15th, 2014.  

Now is the time to gather all of your resources and make intelligent-informed decisions.  By doing this, the abundance that you seek shall flow right to you.  Network with positive people that give you a solid support system and share in your same interests, dreams and goals.

There is a forthcoming shift for you during September 22th, 2014 - October 9th, 2014 that will prove to be very beneficial for you mentally, emotionally, and financially.  The key to your success is being mindful of your thoughts and maintaining tactfulness.  Spending the time now to create a personal network of friends in both business and social activities.  By consulting with them instead of trying to do everything by yourself, you will be more successful in resolving problems.  Meditation, self-hypnosis, or deep relaxation can strengthen  your inner wisdom and help you to be more diplomatic, gentle and cooperative.  Be diligent on these issues because, by doing so, you will be protecting your outcome in the future.

Jean, remember to nourish your physical and spiritual body.  Reflect on the lessons you have learned from your past, and implement that knowledge in your current situation.  By trusting in your own judgment, you will have an important advancement or breakthrough mentally, emotionally and financially. Steadfast correctness will bring you good fortune!


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