hiya gipsy, my name is lee (female 1967). back in 07/2010 i had an experience of a clear voice say to me in a " by the way, i just think you should know" voice within my left sounded like a male voice but none that i basically said my partner had just cheated on, i asked my partner (anthony 1977) if he had and told him about the spirits message informing me...he denies and said it was an evil spirit...are you able to sense or find any information out that could clarify if i should believe that message please? ive thought of this many times throughout the 4years past and just not sure who or what to believe...the spirit didnt sound evil or bias in any way....thank you for your input..x

Lenormand cards : Whip, Moon, Sun - this 'spirit' feels more like an obsession of yours than anything really real. I'm not receiving that it's any higher vibrational spirits but if anything your partner might have been correct 'low energy vibrations' or better still ego, created by you dabbling in something, or obsessing about something that wasn't for your highest good.
"Spirit guides would never tell you to hurt yourself or anyone else.  They work for your highest good."


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