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dear reader!
can i please know where my job is coming from? i haven't worked for a while and struggling to find a job at the moment. i just want to know the name of the company or the kind of company that will hire me for my first job and if it is a private business or public company. i have applied for job in many fields like govt agency, legal company, insurance, recruiting,etc. anything regarding this that you could tell would be greatly helpful. i am trying to narrow down my search as i feel very overwhelmed with this process. i have been told i am getting a job in july. i just wonder it is coming from.
my dob is feb 16,1980

thanks much for your kind help.

Hi Sona--

I hear the desperation in your letter. Please try to be calm about this process, and your proper work.

You are not alone. If you have put out resumes or made applications to many places, and your qualifications fit what is called for, you will be contacted. The average job search takes 2 years these days. You are over-looking the world and national economy has been in recession. So as industries start to hire again, they will take the most qualified and those who have continued to submit to their companies because they want to work there.Resubmit to companies you have researched closely, time and again.

So be sure you are not just casting your line out everywhere--focus on what city, what kind of job best suits your character and personality. If you are an energetic type, you do not want to be stuck sitting at a desk of behind a computer screen. Do not ask for what you do not want,really. You will be miserable. It is God's good pleasure to give you what you want,but also what is good for you.

This brings me to --if you are a Believer in God or that there is a Good and righteous path for you and you alone--then, listen to me. You are out of work for a reason; this is time given for you to gather yourself and your energies and to get your life working in other ways.Who can you help while you are waiting for work?

Also, you have never been left without resources. The God of your life has never left you alone; so stop being frantic and know that what's your will come to you. Things always work out. Perhaps they do not work out on our time timetable, but the work on in the right and perfect way for you and all concerned--in this case the employer, the job needs, those who depend on you, and you more than anyone.

There are job centers, and professional organizations(in Yellow Pages)and online organizations like LinkedIn to help you network. Stop trying to do it all yourself, tell others what you are seeking exactly and stay true to that job focus and direction.I am told in about 8 weeks (or by March 2015 you will be working) from now you will have work either in agriculture, farming or construction--work outdoors and with your hands and tools. You love the earth and seeing things grow. An extension of this would be in the "green" industries for protecting and preserving the resources of the earth and public health(ecological food sources,proper treatment of food animals).

Hope this helps--pray, sleep on time, eat fresh foods, and let God move the job toward you. Be calm. Consider following me on Facebook: shariananda borregaard adamz and watching my weekly video at my Thanks. Go well, S


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