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Hello, my birthdate is 9/4/1994 and I was hoping that you could give me some insight into my current relationship, I don't understand and I'm not really sure if we are meant to be together or not. All that I do know for sure is that I love this man and I genuinely need answers. Can you please give me some insight into our relationship with one another? His birthdate is 7/17/1992, Thank you.

Lenormand cards : Scythe, Clover, Ship - there's a feeling that you entered this relationship too quickly, was love even given a chance to develop before all the 'meant to be together' was pondered on whether it was a part of the equation. Is he currently dating other women? Is this a long-distance relationship? is he trying to pull away and is this why you're confused. Lots of questions to ask yourself :)


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