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My name is Debbie, female, living in CA, USA. My  DOB 3/22/1956. Born in San Diego, CA.
I am 5'5" and have light brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian.  I've gained 30+ lbs over the last couple of years ,  and have back pain and much pain in my legs from my sciatic nerve which has caused me to be much more inactive than I have ever been, or wish to be.  I feel I am more sensitive than most people (except for my son Ian).  In my working days, I taught preschool for 20 years. I have 2 children: David 3/24/1982 (5'7"-dk brown hair, -4 yrs at Cornell-has always been recognized for his intelligence) and Ian 2/22/1989 (almost 6', blonde hair, blue eyes,  can "see" auras,  very successful, could be emphatic, but seems to have put his talents on the "back burner for now)--both born here in San Diego, CA. I have been married almost 5 years to my second husband, Gerd (9/28/1946 5'5"-strong-a workaholic, born in Germany during  during the 2nd World War).

In the last year, my husband and I have discovered us having a past life together.  And it has been validated that he was a shaman (in a past life) when we were attuned to Reiki 1. He has been more aware of this past life connection(for many years) than I have. Now we are putting the pieces together.  He was in Vietnam  searching and questioning God, when he began "remembering" his past lives. I seem to just "feel" things and later question if I am right. The life I am referring to is the one when he was a Crow Indian. I have had an affinity for the Native American culture for a long time, but it really developed after I moved into his house. I don't feel I was Indian, and he finally told me that I was a captive he later married. I do believe this because I sometimes watercolor (or scrye) pictures, and one was of me with a little boy sitting on my lap. I knew I ran away, but in the picture I was waiting…but no one came. Later I think we drown crossing the river. I want to understand how that life can help us with the life we are living now, because we agreed to reunite for a reason.

I have found this fascinating, and there have been many synchronicities in our daily life supporting this (my neighbor across the street has given me many Indian artifacts since her son died). I feel strongly that there is a higher reason for all of this that I may not be "getting". (and I do keep in mind that the lessons learned, or purpose of these lives, are what is most important, not just satisfying curiosity). I do so much want to  progress spiritually.  It has me wondering about my life purpose, and direction. I feel there is something left  to do that is really important  to help heal /help the world. If I had a mentor or some direction, I think it could be my passion. . I wish we could do this together, but he doesn't really like to talk about it, and that makes me feel  so alone. Also, my oldest son has totally rejected me. I have not seen him since he left for college (back east) when he was 19. Could this be a past life issue from this life also? Was he the child in that past life who died with me? It hurts so much. This is the first time I have been strong enough to ask anyone for insight on this.  I just don't know what to do any more. I am afraid we will never reunite (even though I believe in the power of love), and any advances I make seem to push him further away. Thank you for your help.

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