I recently got out of a serious relationship due to finding out she was cheating on me, we still talk but rarely.  About 4 months prior to breaking up with her I had a psychic reading done and the psychic told me the one I was with was not the one and I would end up splitting up with her and someone new would come into my life shortly after and she would be the one I have a happy, loving and long relationship with.  That is where my question comes in, about 4-5 weeks after breaking up I met this awesome girl and we have been getting along really well, I mean there are things we dont see eye to eye on but they are small and nothing to stop something from going forward.  Just kinda wondering if this is the girl the last psychic talked about and if I should invest myself into her or if I am just thinking that because of what the last psychic told me.

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:D I love this question! made me laugh - this article will be of interest to you Travis

and an excerpt:
"How can I tell if they are good or not?  -- Listen to your intuition. Check in with yourself: Do you like their voice- the way you feel when you talk to them? Are you comfortable with them? Do you relax in their space? Are they nice to you? Patient? Kind? Calm?"

so when listening to any psychic, always remember to listen to your own intuition - we exist not to get rich, but to help you and others understand themselves better, the future we see is not always set in stone - it's seen that you can pick and choose how you'd like your life to turn out. I'm sorry that your ex cheated on you, that was perhaps yours and her karmic lesson to learn - on trust - so just affirm to yourself this lesson, then it will not repeat itself again.

Ok... now into the reading for the question you asked:

Lenormand cards - Mountain, Rider, Ship

The cards tell you that yes you indeed were experiencing obstacles, delays but this has all changed now that someone new has arrived on the scene. But you're both not together location wise, there have been or will be delays in getting together. One/ both of you will travel to the other. I am not receiving any neon covered symbols that she is 'the one' - maybe that requires a further insight with me, but if you don't want to - then just listen to your intuition (your feelings, the way you feel around her, listen to the red flags as well, make sure that and the love flags are agreeing with each other). I do get the feeling that if you are prepared to make a lot of compromises, but also be assertive (yet not pushy and compromising - it's understanding where not to cross lines, and when not to let lines be crossed) then this has a chance.


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