QUESTION: Hello, my name is Judy I am 53. Birthday April 11 1961. I have not been with someone in a long time. I am very lonely and looking for romance, love with a man. For about 9 months I got to know this man, we became very close and spent much time together. Due to certain circumstances he has to move as he was living very close. He is also 15 years younger than me. His birth date is May 9 1976. I have grown to have feelings for him but never told him being scared of rejection. But I am thinking he only sees me as a friend but am clueless as to what men think of me as I have a few good male friends. So, is there anything with him or do I have to wait for someone else? Much thanks and God bless :)

ANSWER: please read my profile here . thanks

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QUESTION: Ok, went to my reading and nothing was written. I did not set as private as far as I remember? I am confused, pretty sure I added birthdays, If I missed it, sorry.

ANSWER: Ok maybe I can help i need both your names and birth dates so if you can send his name too I will be able to answer your question unless you wish me to check only the numerology potential of this relationship . thanks

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QUESTION: Ok sorry, I missed that. My apologies. Ok, my name is Judy Minderman and his is Joffre Ryan. Not sure if you needed full names but there it is. I apologize and thanks for your help, Take care,

Dear Judy
numerology wise the strong bond passion or lust you are sharing with Joffre is because in your past life you have been sibling or family to each other and you both cant avoid that mysterious attraction much. more than that you are communicative looking great and can make every person feel they are speaking same language with you and I am sure Joffre likes that a lot . but when come to reality and real chances of this to become serious ever there are not much chances this is an adventure of emotions not of logic. i also asked how he feels toward you and you most definitely appear to be like his savior his doctor a healing presence and he likes to be with you not sure how he will relate to you emotionally because this guy do not know about falling in love and stay there forever so here is what you can do. If you want to tell him your feelings be sure you do not develope great expactation of loyalty and exlusive long term relationship there are great chance you can have a hot lovely affair as long as both of you knows its friends with benefit not more and like that you can have a lot of fun together, why not? why everything has to last forever and between you and me are you really interested in that long term forever commitment? are you ready to work for it? this was also not very sure. so my advise is you can tell him how you feel but if you think he is going to be commited after that I suggest not to because you will get dissapointed and than even the fun you could have together will get spoiled.


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