I am involved in a relationship with a woman I have known for many years. We recently began persuing a more romantic aspect of it, and she told me that she has unconditional love for me and will always love me. After she was out of town for about 5 months she returned. During that time she indicated she was anxious to return and looked forward to seeing me. She has been married before and divorced and remarried a man who was unfaithful to her. Upon her return, she was distant, and started finding little things to find fault about, avoiding even holding hands with me. Then she informed me she needed to move away and be alone because she felt that our relationship wasnot working out. I am confused and somewhat hurt by her change from her previous attitude form unconditional love that she said would always be there. I have done nothing to drive her away, and just cannot comprehend her apparent change of heart. We have known each other for many years and after telling me that she would always love me,is now not there for me in situations when I need her assistance bu seems to have better things to do. What is your perception?

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Lenormand cards - Lily, Mice, Ship - the cards are saying that what you/ the other woman felt with you just wasn't 'unconditional love' but lust. Don't beat yourself about it, walk away and respect who you are, and when you do so, you resonate to you, your true love :)


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