My name is Todd 8/20/86 my sister Leslie born 7/24/81 just passed away suddenly. I was just wondering if she had anything she wanted to let me know or any input about my currant life situation

Using Lenormand cards - Rider, Dog, Ship

I'm sorry for your loss Todd, but one day someone will come into your life and stay :) it all feels strange now being lonely without her, but there's hope that new roads will open up for you when you are ready to move on.

I'm pulling few angel cards for you too :)

Archangel power tarot
card 1 - Five of Gabriel (a challenge you can resolve. withdraw from the drama of others. have patience with yourself and those around you)

card 2 - Divine Guidance - Archangel Sandalphon (the search for the meaning of life. Consider an alternative approach. Surround yourself with wise teachers and friends)

this archangel is an angel that protects the earth, so knows your secret thoughts - if you hear music playing, just listen for the lyrics and you will hear signs for you through the random music :) if you come across strangers that are dressed in 'working clothes' then this is probably this archangel talking to you etc... here's a link

everything will be fine within time :)


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