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Tenille/ female / ohio - USA/ 4-17-80/ 5'2, 140lbs

I am concerned with my emotional state. I often feel trapped. I lost a loved one recently and sometimes have a hard time coping. I also feel bad about lying to a loved
One in the recent past, and feel as if i will be treated and viewed like the boy who cried wolf because of it, especially to certain specific people that i havent lied to. Certain situations make me feel paranoid that i wont be believed or trusted although im neing sincere. Any insight on this, if it makes any sense?

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Lenormand cards - Birds, Key, Scythe

Don't be hard on yourself Tenille, you communicate well to others just seem to put yourself down a lot more than is necessary... your Throat Chakra might be blocked, here's a link to help you help yourself

Just be careful what you are saying to yourself about you, follow the above guidelines to help you empower yourself that you're more at ease with things... There are professional counsellors you can seek if you feel you need further help. You're never alone in whatever you're facing, please do not despair :)

If not, here's a spell or ritual to help you empower yourself... take a light blue candle, for 10 mins every day/night, repeat to yourself I will speak the truth to myself and all those around me. And after 1-2 months of doing this, see what you have resonated to you.


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