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I dont know what you need from me but ill share my first name which is Tenille. Im 34, born 4-17-80. My question is that im currently going through an emotional roller coaster with an ex boyfriend. He has used my name and took advantage of my naiveness and im afraid that his actions will fall back on me Or get me in trouble with the law.  I also have a male friend  whom i really love and our relationship has been strained due to all of this. On top of that im still grieving someone who died 2-27 of this year. I guess id just like to know if anything comes up concerning these subjects or perhaps new careers etc. Anything at all. Thanks in advance.

Do what you have to do to help yourself or clear yourself of anything that he has included you in. Disconnect from him completely. The person who passed away is still there around you guiding you, so just know that you are protected and keep it real by grieving. You are feeling the persons last emotions before they passed, scared and uncertain. Try to shield yourself from negative thoughts, say it is not you and know that you are a good person. Eat good, sleep good, and be honest with those around you always.

You will be fine.




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Hi and welcome! I am a psychic, medium, channeler and energy healer. I love to answer questions about career, finance, relationships, court cases, medical intuition, physical and emotional health. Once I receive your name, birthdate and your question, I will be happy to help you. If you want to know about crossed over people, please send a photo along with their name and birthdate. I do offer a one question email reading at Sunhee Park for follow ups, range from $20.00 to $25.00 via phone or email. You can also email me at for a reading appointment. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!


I have been a psychic reader for 17 years and I absolutely love doing this work, its not work to me. I am also a giver and want to give back for my gifts and my health. I have been in alot of magazines, radio show interviews, articles written on myself, appeared in 6 books, made to the top 12 for the Battle of psychics t.v. show, have done over 5000 readings, energy healings, parties, live sessions, chat and email. This is my life!

American Federation of Certified psychics and Mediums Chief Examiner- test psychics for legitimacy

I have been interviewed for Bellesprit magazine, Om Times magazine, Huffington Post, Arts, Ufos and supernatural magazine, Register of the united states of best psychics and mediums in the world. Featured in PUNK'D with Celebrity Sanaa Lathan. Made it to the top 12 psychics in Battle of the Psychics in the Ukraine's popular tv show, and offered a contract for lead role. Offered my own tv show by 5 different production companies, and am currently signed with a company now.

Life experience.

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2016 Awarded Best Female Psychic by Arts, Ufo's and Supernatural magazine ranked #1 for best psychic and medium in the U.S. by Arts, Ufo's and Supernatural magazine 2013 ranked #3 in the world - 2013 Ranked #3 in the U.S. 2012 Ranked #5 in the world 2012

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My clients become regulars, they call me in a panic and hang up with a smile on their face. They never hang up depressed, I transfer my good energy onto them and soothe them with my uplifting messages and healing energy. I can do email readings, chat readings and live readings. All of my clients have major physical problems, are going through a divorce, or have experienced trauma. They are used to feeling abuse or being in abusive situations; I help them to see the light from the dark. I love to inspire those who want to change and learn more about how to better themselves, especially if they have been victims. I love to lift the burden off of them and help guide them to push the negativity away from them.

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