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Hi, Genna,

Is it in God's plan for me to be in a loving, solid relationship? I've been single my whole life and am often lonely. I'm at the age that women are already married with kids (my early/mid 30's). I am wondering if it is my destiny to be single for the rest of my life. My friend told me that God won't allow me to have a fake relationship - that he will only prepare for the real thing.

I've done everything I can to develop myself as a person, but I still have some things to work on. I am working to pay down my school debt and just started a new job. This job has lots of room for growth. I am currently going to a therapist to work on releasing trauma and shock from being physically and emotionally abused as a child. I've found my paternal family whom I never knew until last year. They have been very caring and have been reviving my faith in family and in people in general.

I have pets that I love, and I am very active in a sport and at the gym. I do art and have two good girl friends. I try to keep very occupied, but I still feel a desire for a loving relationship. I feel that I have a very old soul and have been around for a long, long time. Sometimes I get sick of living because I am so tired and feel like I've been through everything and have seen everything. But then I look at my beautiful pets and realize that there is so much joy I still experience being alive.

As you can see, with my current school debt and work on releasing emotional trauma, I'm not sure I could attract a good man right now. At the same time, I don't really think we "attract" partners to us. I think having a relationship with someone else is part of our destiny...that it either is meant to be or it isn't. I do think that over the next two years, I will be making leaps and bounds spiritually, emotionally, and a positive direction.

I guess I wonder if all of this positive progress is meant to prepare me to have a good relationship someday...or is it just meant for me to be happy as a single person for the rest of my life? Are you able to foresee if I will ever have a good, solid in which, when I meet the man for the first time I can say there's just something about him that I can't imagine him ever not being in my life...and that he would think the same thing about me?

Thank you,


Answering from the question pool - Lenormand cards - Heart, House, Key - love these cards A, which are telling you that to resonate to you True Love, you have to love yourself, that's the only solution. You say you feel you're an old soul, then surely you would have known that this is the key to being in love? You cannot expect another to love you if you do not already love you. When this happens, then there will be new beginnings in your life, romantic love and all. All the best.


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