HI! My fullname and birthday is in the first name section. My family are experiencing financial
problems since my dad lost his job, and i'm
afraid that my parents might not to pay my
tuition fee for able to continue my studies.
Do you see any improvements financially and
to be able to survive financial problems in the
future and when it will happen? Thanks.

Hi Kristine;

Thanks for reaching out to me and I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma.  I do feel that your dad will find another job within a month.  He will be able to pay for your studies.  As far as improvements financially for them, I do feel that is coming.  Give it a few months, things will get better.  Perhaps your dad had to lose this job to go onto another job that will pay him more and not stress him out as much.  Everything happens for a reason and you always get something good out of something bad.  Trust that!  You are going to be very successful and will never have to worry about fianances!

Hope this helps;


Chinhee Park


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