My name is Michael and date of birth is 4/3/76

I don't know if I am wording this correctly so here goes.  I have a lot of regret and anger in my life and it is consuming me.  I use to stutter when I was younger and I missed out on a lot in my life and it upsets me.  I know the anger is not healthy. I want to move forward but it is tough. Is there a message for me referring to my past?

Lenormand cards - Tree, Coffin, Man, Birds - so in the past you suffered what appears to be major bouts of depression due to this stuttering issue, but there was healing by walking alone amongst the trees and the birds in nature which stilled a void within yourself, message is to spend time in nature with the birds :) and the trees to find peace then you will know within yourself which path is the best to move forward on :) new beginnings are just around the corner, it's up to you to spur yourself forward into it...


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