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I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your services.

I am a mother of 3 children, 5, 3, and 1. My purpose of contacting you is in regards to my 5 year old son, Thomas, dob October 25, 2008, me (Renee, his mother) December 29, 1973. Since he could talk and anyone could understand him, around age 2, he has come forth or said things to make one wonder or feel confused as to what he was referring to when trying to tell me something. And still has the same effect just with different scenarios and or certain topics.
At first and at our old address, at age 2 or so he use to say out of the clear blue, "mommy! Mommy! the ladies are here, the ladies are here" if not daily, at least 5 days a week. He would be so excited about it too, and would always point to the front door and nobody was there, I would go along and tell him to tell them to come in or that I said hi, but he never carried the "imaginary" part out that I  was trying to go along with.
Our second son was born and after that I never heard about "the ladies" again, we moved about 5 months after. Another incident after that move was at a friends house that (our friend) previously had claimed it was filled with spirits. Thomas went there one day while I had an appointment and out of nowhere he went to an old picture of my friends elderly uncle who was deceased and calmly carried the framed photo to her and gave it to her saying nothing and walked away.
Fast forward to this past February or March, (moved again, hopefully to never move again, as we no longer rent and finally purchased a home) he has once again if not daily, maybe every other day randomly brought up and spoke of his "Grandfather in heaven." To not just me but pretty much anyone around, and speaks very confidently about this grandfather. This has been a longer ongoing topic. What's strange to me is that the only grandfathers he has ever known are still here on planet earth. My husband gets really agitated/upset when he brings up his "grandfather in heaven" and it really bothers me because I strongly believe in the intuition/spiritually gifted/sixth sense ability. And I also don't want to make him think or feel that it's not okay to talk about what is on his mind or what he's imagining when he references his g.father. or whatever he is in tuned with. When he refers to "my grandfather in heaven" he will start it with, one time me and my grandfather did this, or my grandfather told me this, or my grandfather says... Or I know how to do this ... because my grandfather showed me...Every now and then he will say GOD is his grandfather too and is with my grandfather in heaven. My husband and I believe in GOD, we however have not been to church like we should and don't talk about GOD like we should, but Thomas is fully aware of GOD and that his location is in heaven and says its because his grandfather told him and he is there with him. I find it quite remarkable, but I also get real confused on the Grandfather part, as in, grandfather tells him, shows him, says, and especially that him and his grandfather did this together.
My reason for contact was a specific comment he made to me the other day about the grandfather, and of my very ill mother. and it was mommy, sometimes my grandfather gets in my brain and it makes me so mad. Like he was really bothered by it.  and also before reading his bedtime story the other night cried to me because in his words, he was sad about my sick mother before we started reading his story. (Whom is very sick with acute myeloid leukemia).  I asked if he wanted to talk about it and he cried and said yes, and then said, but please read the book first mommy. I was really touched how he put the book before his feelings and emotions, and still don't understand why he did so, he was very adamant about it as well. So when finished reading he said okay, let's talk about nano. We did, and he started crying and fighting through his tears he said, "I think she is going to die" and cried harder. I can honestly say I haven't spoken about my mothers condition to him or near him, or talked about it to anyone lately at all. The next day on Facebook, my mother mentioned the ok from her doc to let her travel some, and it's as if she is indeed going thru her bucket list one by one with her husband. We all know that pictures are worth a thousand words. And enough on that part...Back to him, as his Mother I consoled him and we talked through his feelings and emotions, and I did all I could to make him feel better about Nano and her being sick, and for him to be more at ease while fighting my own emotions through it all .. but when it was all said and done, I felt horrible and thought of all the situations I just mentioned above and wondered what is really going on in his young intuitive and inquisitive mind and what can I do for him to help him control his ability if he in fact has this amazing ability with everything mentioned. Why haven't I been more in tune with it ? For my baby boy to be In more of a peace of mind state as opposed to what seems to be an overwhelming state of mind. or am I completely misjudging? I want this amazing gift he may have to be an enjoyable learning tool, and to explore the world positively with this special gift or this experience of his to be one that he can share with people openly and or feel at ease about it.
I'm honestly afraid to go elsewhere for help because I completely assume this...I wouldn't want to hear take him to a shrink (psychiatrist) or something of that nature, where again, I'm assuming, but feel some people would suggest that and I'm not into the shrink thing.
I believe He has a special gift from GOD, And I just wish I could better help him with it. Like find a way to tap into it with him, or maybe find ways to ask him different questions when he talks of grandfather or whatever other random topics pop out of his mouth which randomly do occur, grandfather is very much consistent though.
So I guess I really don't have one specific question per say, as I am just seeking some type of support or advice to help me to help my Son better understand the gift that he has and maybe how to tell him when a good time is to talk about things he may see or hear that others don't see or hear like he does. its important for me to do it in a way that doesn't hurt him or offend him, or make him feel like its bad he is talking about it. I admire the gift, I really do. I wish I knew how to tap into my sixth sense the way some can. Like when he told me the ladies were here, I was wondering, is it my aunts or my grandmother or my husbands mother?? And I really am wondering who the Grandfather is too, i realize I have wrote a novel here and don't expect one in return, just some insight to better help guide my child in comfort and ease with this if it is in fact the same gift you are blessed to have. Thanks again for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.

I worry about the "grandfather" his energy is stern. old school type. Seems to wear pants, with suspenders, smokes from a pipe. Shows no emotions. Seems to not like kids either and he is pained with having to deal with your small son.  He's pushy and causes your son a lot of stress.
Your son can see the dead. He is able to communicate with the other side and most of whom he sees is good this man is not as kind. Tell your son to ask him to leave. Tell him that its ok to not listen to him and if the man is bugging you tell your son you will take care of it.
This man is not a good energy to your son. his persistence is bringing a lot of pain to your child with the gift.


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