I am 58...I am creative, attractive, financially good,love my music, art, friends, family etc...I am INTO GOD VERY MUCH SO
I am not attracted to any man...can't find one I feel anything for....
The only man my heart went out in the past few months was this attractive, creative bum who could care less about God or working, and I had to get away from that....what's going on?  There's another creative man, not a bum, but he travels everywhere, never around....
.....I go online, I go out all the time and look around....just never see ANYONE who I feel ANY PULL towards...why?  
I always hear these women and men talking about all the people they are SOOOO attracted to...people they know and also celebrities, but I don't have any feeling towards the celebrity men either..... heart connection, nothing....How come some people seem to be attracted to EVERYONE it seems, and I don't seem to SEE that for's sooo darn rare for me to be super excited over any man...and wny....
Previously I was married for 20 yeah, I have sustained a long term relationship....any help is appreciated. I;m not gay at all..

Answering this from the question pool, - I'm so surprised this was not answered - maybe the psychic had a reason that I don't know :)

Lenormand cards - Book, Key, Garden - you have high expectations :) and really just like socializing and getting information but not really committing. You know what you are looking for Angela, but the only obstacle that's blocking you from him is yourself... I'm happy to help you explore more, but this is it freely :)


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