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Psychics/Why is a childhood friend always a love interest in my dreams?


My name is Dana (female) 11/23/1980. For years, I have had dreams that I'm madly in love with a guy I grew up with and went to school with. We never dated, we were just friends. His name is Wes, DOB 9/16/1981. I'm confused because he doesn't cross my mind when I'm awake. Is my subconscious telling me that I had a crush on him or did he and I have a bond in a past life? I'm very curious and confused about these dreams that leave me waking up feeling like I'm mourning a lost love afterwards.

The sub conscious pull is definitely spiritual but its also somewhat your own emotions. Somehow even though just friends your souls connected and your minds seem to long for each other. he is also someone who dreams of you as well and usually does the guy thing and brushes It off without much after thought. I don't feel like he was your soul mate per se , but I am not in that mode so I cannot rule it out. That's a big reading which I cannot do here. however I am feeling a strong pull from each other. It might be worth exploring by speaking more to each other and spending some time together.  


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