Hello, I would like some clarification. I am born on 4/3/81. I had a notebook in my room full of my thoughts and intuitions. Last night when I looked for it in my room I found it missing! I was surprised, as it is always there when I finish writing in it.

My brother has been in my room lately when he practices playing keyboard. Do you think he took it? I don't think it could be thrown away, I have so much information in there which is private and I'm worried someone else might have read it! Please help and re-assure me!

Lenormand cards - Heart, Guy, Home - the cards are saying that you love yourself far too much Sanjay, and that the book contains information about a lady you've met socially, this is more your concern. Right now you're resonating to you who/what you are, you feel your brother has stolen from you, because this is what you will have done had you seen such a notebook within your brother's room. The cards advice not to jump to conclusions, because not everyone is you - especially not your brother. If you can communicate to others from an honest not accusatory perspective, the case of the missing notebook can be solved.


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