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My name is Laura (Aug.1, 1988) and I am in love with an amazing guy (Mike June 29, 1986) and it feels like he could be the one.  We have only been dating for 5 months so I'm trying to keep things in perspective but everything just feels right.  However, I've been told by past palm readers/intuitive that I will never marry someone, just have lots of relationships.  This really upsets me as that's not what I want.  I've always wanted to get married and since I've met Mike it's been bothering me more, as I can really picture a life with him.  I want to know, is marriage still not in the cards for me?

Darling Laura, never listen to the negatives that 'past palm readers/ intuitive' say to you concerning major things like love & marriage! Psychics like me just exist to confirm to you what your intuition already knows ;) if you're struggling with something, we exist to empower you.... point you in the right direction; but we definitely do not exist to make the decision for you!

Lenormand cards (and I'm using my special deck for you, Under the Roses - it's specially for love, well I feel it is, it has a beautiful rose on each card) - The Journal, The Fox, The House - which doesn't speak of love and romance, or marriage in the cards... but a decision that Mike is taking; just a word of warning if you will, don't compromise your integrity, your self-respect for a guy that you're simply dating until he has committed to you for a while. Guys generally will say something, but mean another thing. The cards are saying that deception is possible, you should take your brain with you... for there is still much unknown to you.  


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