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Hello my name is Mary year of birth 1981, I would like to know when my boyfriend Adam year of birth 1970 will finally find/move into his own place. He had to get some things worked out and finally done that now he is looking. So just wanting to know when you see this process taking place. Thanks!
If you have time could you let me know what kind of L cards you use? I downloaded a app for those cards and was just wondering If there was a certain kind you prefer :)

I prefer 'Under the Roses' by Kendra Hurteau, the deck just feels perfect for readings especially love. They're so smooth to hold within your hands, the texture is amazing and just feels right. When the cards are dealt, and you look at them, everything meshes together into one story, no one card feels out of place - so it's easier to read things as a story when the artist and deck maker :) has taken time to ensure this.

Personally, I don't like apps for cards :) I prefer to hold the cards in my hands, and allow my intuition to lead the way. Try the cards - and the artist herself is an amazing lady - I don't personally know, but her cards speak volumes about her.

Ok... now to your reading. Lenormand cards - Cross, Moon, Snake - these things take their own time is what the cards are saying, is your boyfriend honestly looking, that's what you have to ask him because doesn't feel like his heart is into it, he's most probably comfortable where he is and focused on other financial things rather than his own place.


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