Hello Gypsy. My question is. I am looking to relocate to another city very soon. I am looking for the best city that would give me the best situation, personally and socially. A strong social and personal life. I am thinking on one of these three cities: Guadalajara, Leon and Puebla. I am in Mexico at the moment. I was born on the 19 of February, 1976 in Kingston, Jamaica. Thanks.

Lenormand cards - Mice, Snake, Cross - the cards are saying no matter which city you move to, you're still going to be you, filled with doubts, worries, stresses, not trusting etc... any city will work as long as you make the effort to change who you are; don't expect the world to change to meet your needs. Because you resonate to you all that you secretly fear - like the 'law of attraction' you're putting energy mostly in your fears than in actually giving yourself what you want.


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