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Hi.i am sumana.from bangalore, india. Born on 10th april 1983. 10.15 am. My sister is nayana born on 5th september 1981. Its been 4 years since i'm guilt ridden for involving myself to help my sister in a bad marriage. Sadly she s separated from her husband since 4 years. The relationship goes no where. She isnt ready to divorce him and move on nor can she live on her own.she feels envious of me and my husband living and would not mingle much with us . My parents are with her now. Wud she take care of herself or get married again ? What should i do to free myself n help her?this is emotional baggage 4 all.

Lenormand cards: Clover, Fish, Moon - there's potential energies around Nayana to get a move on with her life, but no one can force her to do so, she has to take personal responsibility. The cards are showing, there's chance for her to fall in love and be appreciated, but she has to be the one who makes the decision. Perhaps the reason she doesn't divorce, is because of financial concerns.
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