My name is Keishia and my date of birth is June 6, 1992. I am including Keith and his date of birth is May 18, 1989. I would like to know how far our relationship will go?

Dear Keishia,

First, I feel you get caught up a lot of worry and start thinking of all the things that could go wrong before it's needed! Bless you! You shouldn't have to go through that, but it seems to be part of your nature, kind of setting up a worst-case scenario to sort of "arm yourself" ahead of time against such an outcome.

You give your heart away too easily and quickly; I feel like Keith does, too. You both seem kind of reactive in love, not giving it enough chance to last very long. I think this might be another defense mechanism you're both using to keep away from commitment, so then you can keep away from any potential hurt, which could throw both of you off the tracks.

I don't feel he's a good match for you; he's extreme in some way and too intense. I feel like you need a VIRGO or someone who is very, very solid, secure, knows exactly who he is, and who can teach you -- I feel like you respond well to people who can show you the way to a better life (instead of struggling to find one with another who is just as unsure as you are). Someone older, even 12 years older than you are, would be best. Keith is not the one; he does not connect - I can't get his energy to connect with yours. I do feel some sparks, but they're irritating, not exciting.

Sorry to deliver news you don't want to hear -- I could be way off, as no one is ever 100 percent on anything like this; it's just a feeling. Maybe someone else would have a different take on it, but you asked, and that's my strong feeling.

God's Blessings,


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