My name is Minhaz. Can I ask what do you see in the future for myself and Sameer? I don't have his birth details (we are not in relationship currently). I have just started working around him and I don't know what's on his mind for me. I find him very interesting and somewhat mature (in mind). Do you see anything positive developing between us in future? What it will be like? I have no idea how he sees me though so I am asking based on how I see him not how he finds me around him.
My DOB is 15-9-1982.

Thank you

Dear Minhaz,

I think I can help on this, even without his birthdate. I started not to answer, but here goes: I feel like you are rather quiet, but you're hiding so much of a really enchanting personality for some reason. Maybe it is the nature of your work, but I don't see you showing your "sparkling side" to him (or many people, for that matter).

Here's the thing: You see him and he's good-looking, neat, orderly, seems kind and well mannered, and this matters to you, so you've kind of created a "vision" of who he is in your mind already -- this will likely clash with his real personality, and when  he shows his real self, you'll tend to back away because you like the "dream" better than reality. You're focusing so much on the ideal, the perfect person (and again, I feel like this is a pattern) that when faced with real-world situations with men, you tend to not want to get too deeply involved because it will erase that dream.

Sameer is just as fault-prone and human as you are; don't elevate him to some great height that he hasn't earned (yet). If you approach him, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised, and I think also that he has a very warm, sensual side about him (he either wears a cologne or smells good in a very mild way; there's a certain scent I pick up from him that I feel you're drawn to), and if you do approach him, just be prepared to deal with a real person, not the "ideal" you have in your mind.

You must work in close enough proximity with him to pick up his scent, and he seems to "keep a good shave" around his sideburn/ear space. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm focusing on his neck, as he is looking down at something, and I also see him laughing at times, but there's an overall sense of being very clean and neat about him. Speak to him and find out about him! Then you won't have to waste time writing to people like me!:) (JK)

Cheers and happiness,


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