First of all I want to thank you for your time and services.  I know that you are not obligated to provide this but do out of the kindness of you heart.  My name is Kaitlin A. Black.  Maiden name: Mack. I go by Katie.  My birthdate is 10/27/1986.  I am 5'4" around 140lbs ( I have a 1 yr old and am still working to loose the baby weight.)  I have brown hair, green eyes, and freckles.  I am a 5th grade teacher who is certified in Special Education.  I am the proud mom to 3 boys.  One stepson, Dylan, my surviving twin Camden from a previous relationship, and my son Mason with my current husband Keith.  My husband's name is Keith A. Black and his birthdate is May 26, 1985.  Keith is around 6ft and 150 lbs.  He has blonde thinning hair and a pale complexion.  Keith and I have been going through a hard time where divorce seems to be the answer.  Keith works as a lawyer so when things don't work out divorce seems to be the practical solution to him.  However, I have served as the main mom for not only my own biological children but for my step son as well.  In the past year I have become aware of my husbands emotional infidelity (that is all I can prove with a fellow law student named Carly)  I have also found male sex drugs (like viagra) in his car.  Keith claims it is for us however when I decided to truly investigate things I found that he was getting this medication refilled while I was classified as high risk and unable to have intercourse during the pregnancy of our son Mason.  Keith is very secretive and will not give me access to any of our online accounts.  He will not allow me access to use his cell phone and this has been going on for the past 3 yrs.  Up until 4 months ago I was an open book and allowed Keith access to everything because I feel that there should be nothing secret in a marriage.  My questions are: Is he or has he had a sexual affair?  When he stayed at a hotel was it really to have some alone time or was it to meet up with someone even if it did not work out?  Is there anyway you can name the woman/women he is talking to?  Is there a future for us or should I move on?  We have 3 children combined 8, 6, and 1.  Thank you again for sharing your talents to help people like me.

Kaitlin BlacK

I cannot thank you enough for such a detailed look into you and your life.
I am truly sorry but it does appear that your husband has been unfaithful and the names Sonia and one with a C in her name are coming in strong. There was also a woman with very red hair that seemed to only be a one night stand as well.
He has a secret life outside of your home where he does spend time with other women and he is lying to you. I do feel there is hope. Your husband has a sex addiction and it can be helped but he is going to need to go through therapy and I do feel that he can be the man you deserve.
Right now though you need to become strong enough to confront him on this subject because he is absolutely going to continue to do this behind your back.
If you chose to walk away for good. I would not blame you. You would find love with another man 2 years after the divorce.  


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