I would like to know if you see any serious relationship coming for me (or a marriage partner so far)and what kind of man he will be(personality, physical description or any other details about him if possible). My name is Perpétue born on Nov.16,1991
Thank you.

Dear Perpetue,

Once you get beyond a sort of "instant attraction" by judging people straight from the heart instead of the head, you will be set -- and that might take some time unless you focus on looking for someone who is very grounded, logical, and not merely physically attractive -- and also open yourself up to friends who, with time, will begin to feel very dear to you -- then you'll be content.

I kind of feel like you're rather preoccupied with finding this person, almost as if you put life at a bit of a standstill until you find "the one," and then set high limits for this soul mate or life partner. It's a serious business for you, and I feel you have many checklists and mandates that this person must meet that may be a little too high. I'm certainly not suggesting that you lower your standards, but you're a little too obsessive about this; let it go a bit -- you don't NEED a partner to be a whole, secure person; you already are. But of course it's good to have an equal partner with whom you can share your deepest secrets and LAUGH -- don't forget to look at the lighthearted part of a relationship, even the silly, childlike part. That is very important, because I feel like you can sometimes take yourself (and life) too seriously.

You'll also have to get beyond your suspicious, jealous nature -- feel you will want this person all to yourself, and that's just not realistic in regular life. You will have to "share" him with something -- work, friends, his family, etc. I feel like your list is too demanding!:) Give this person as much room as you would like yourself, and then you won't ever worry about not receiving enough affection or support; it will simply be there.  

I feel like an Aquarius person (Moon, rising, or Sun sign) would be very good for you because this person (I don't feel anyone "nearby" but I get a sense of a "D" name, first or last initial; it looks like an opposite of a "P," as in your name, and I'm feeling someone who wears a lot of brown, earth tones, or just is around the color brown, or is associated with that word or name, even. Brown, last name? Not sure. A Virgo influence is strong here, too; it feels like someone who is very nearly your opposite -- this will help keep you balanced when you get upset, annoyed, etc. He is not very tall, and he does not seem heavy, but also not slim; he's an outdoor person - either works outside with machinery, maybe around the earth, or in management in a construction field or agricultural or development field, something to do with the earth comes in very strongly. I also see him "holding you back" from being impatient and temperamental; keeping you on a straighter, more balanced course. He's a stabilizing influence for you. I get very warm thinking about him, so this may be in the summer months, near what I hear is some sort of a gathering or "outpost" place - what is an outpost - a community area of sorts but it is not farther than two hours away.  

Start doing a wish meditation by going to a special place in your mind every night before you sleep, and see yourself completely happy in a domestic (or other) situation, wherever it is, and create an environment that feels perfect for you. Be very detailed; see yourself, what you are wearing, what is around you, who is around you, what the house or place looks like, what it’s built like, made of, what city or country it’s in, is it quiet and dark or light and active or any combination of the two – are there children or animals or recreational things; look around – trust what comes to you, the colors, the people, the fabrics, your bedroom, your floors, see it as closely as you can, going through every room, and look outside, pay attention – where are you, is it spring, it is warm, is it near the water, the forest, where? Keep going there every night, and it will stay with you while you sleep and keep you calmer and more balanced and even-minded when you're awake, as well. It works. I've done it for years -- dreaming and visualizing like this DOES work. Dreaming about what you desire is your best bet when attracting the right person to you, and it will give you daily motivation to remain positive that you WILL meet the kind of man you want.  

Wear a lot of green, if you don't already; that seems to bring out your eyes and complexion. Wear it close to your face. You're psychic, aren't you? Hard to read ourselves:) Let yourself be sweet and lighthearted and really rev up your imagination; if you do this dreamtime meditation, which is just building your future in your subconscious, it will come true. Go forward with confidence and try to be less rash or hasty about deciding on a certain someone; give these things the time and space they require. You want to rush it; it can't be rushed, and that energy will push it and him away. I also get someone who works with numbers or is very good at mathematics.

Overall, just stay calm and alert, and keep visualizing what kind of man you want -- I do feel someone near you, but your intuition on this is going to be sharper than mine, so trust it and use it every day so it will continue to get stronger, and he will "appear." It's really so much simpler than people think. It's the most natural thing in the world; people MAKE it difficult. Good luck!

God's Blessings,


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