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My lover and I are separated by a driving distance of 5hours... I see him when I can... About every couple of weeks... We recently reconnected after 10 years... Everything is good when I'm there but this last time since I've been home he has been sort of distant which has left me questioning and feeling a little insecure about the relationship... His birthday is 05/31/77 and mine is 08/09/77... I want to know if this is serious for him since he is not the sort of guy to just throw his feelings out there

Hello Terra, thanks for contacting me with your question. As I connect to your energies, I am shuffing my Gypsy card deck, your cards are Ring & Dog - the cards are showing that he sess you as a good FRIEND, who brings happiness into his life, he feels lucky that you're both on the same page. I'm getting the feeling, that he isn't aware that this is a relationship but you're just in his life to bring him those bits of happiness... but for a relationship, man that is big... he's not into that... Blessings to you on your journey of self-love.  


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