name: Laura DOB December 9 1990
Do you see a career change soon? And if so - into what area?

Thank you!

Dear Laura,

Do you do anything with decorations, but more like party accessories, could be a children's shop, see lots of confetti or things of that nature; also feel a pet is either near you or you're near a pet shop or a veterinarian, a small dog, the small brown Dachshund.

Seems like this is something you've already done, could be even far back in the past but why it comes up I don't know; also a birthday cake, so like a party/event store or organizer. You're one to chip in, help out, without being asked, but I feel you need a challenge because you've been sort of taken advantage of slightly it seems --

As far as a change goes, I hear light, leader, healer, land. To put that together, I feel you need to be more emotionally connected to a job and that you have one in mind in a field that will allow you to heal both the person/people and the land/area around and on which they live, or, to a lesser extent, go through their home and cleanse it.

There's a connection to the Earth, a resonant feeling of taking care of the literal soil, the growing of green plants, but I don't see you outside all the time; it's more of a position working on behalf of the green movement or fostering a cleaner climate, environment, but I keep being drawn to the Earth. Ground yourself, narrow your focus, pursue with singular intent, and then release. (Sounds like a "rinse and repeat" label on a shampoo bottle!) But that's how I got it, like an instruction.

You are a light worker, a healer, and you'll have a unique way of approaching this. It's something you can start talking about on social media, get it started on your own, and then work outward to hasten that change in career -- if you want it badly enough. You can do whatever you want; the time is ripe, and there's no need to wait. Only reason you haven't changed careers already is because you haven't tried hard enough or feel somewhat shy, a little fear there; but fear doesn't exist until you create it. So don't!:))

I hope this helps!

Many Blessings,

Thank you for writing.  


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