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I would love a reading from you.
I am feeling trapped currently and don't know what to do. My career isn't going anywhere and I am looking for a direction. Can you suggest which career will suit me best and if there are any prospects to get into the same this year or in 2016? I actually want to get into public service though I have no idea how to do that. Do you see anything significant in my career in the rest or 2015 and 2016?
I am also waiting to have someone in my life. Do you see anyone significant and nice entering my life soon?
Many thanks for the insight in advance....And yes I am Mitee and I was born in 1982 on 18th of February.

Dear Mitee,

Yes, I can see why you're frustrated because I don't feel you're using your talents to their greatest power or potential. I feel tremendous boredom, sleepiness, about and around work. Also some people there are irritating in the sense that they have a lower, duller and even cruder energy about them that is almost repulsive. Does someone look like a toad or a frog -- or is there a toad or frog ceramic thing or art or paperweight in the office, or in someone's office -- it feels humdrum, like you're just picking up a paycheck, and you definitely don't fit in with this bunch; they aren't "bad," but I feel a lot of lower-energy people around who thrive on gossip, very basic things that don't matter; they don't think deeply -- it's like a boring construction administration office or something. No one feels inspired, but they USED to not feeling it, and here you are, a natural leader, very good at inspiring and encouraging others! Good grief, that has to be very limiting indeed. Also feel the space around you is either cramped, uncomfortable, or both. You can't spread out enough. It isn't a very attractive (aesthetically) environment.

You mention public service, which would be an excellent area (as in politics, particularly). That makes me breathe with ease, as opposed to feeling like I'm in this office, where I smell coffee, old coffee. That whole place feels stagnant, but it's a job, so hang on for a minute -- I'll return to this -

Anything that allows you to express your feelings outward to others, even in management (in any field, to be honest, but more in the area of social service to others, with a positive message), would make you feel more at home with your own talents. You're in a perfect position to volunteer for a political candidate or party (if you're still in the US), and your timing is of course excellent. I get very excited about that, and feel that you have an opportunity to "catch a ride on this train" (you may have to take extra transportation to get to a primary headquarters, but it would be worth it), and right now is a great time. Others will be getting in (I'm speaking about the upcoming presidential election), but the less-enthusiastic, less-dedicated ones will herd in around Thanksgiving. If you can get in (and if this ignites your passion) now, you'd be ahead of the crowd and could command more attention and work toward a leap to another job in the next year.

At work, where you currently feel trapped, if you can hang on a little longer, you can turn a volunteer opportunity in public policy into a paying position. Use your good judgment, don't act rashly, and use your youth and energy to get through this period of "doubling up," which, if you really just go into what you feel you want, it will pay off in the not-so-distant future.

There's a lot going on that I want to say; I keep wishing I could talk to you so it would come out more clearly (and faster)!

One thing: Do not go toward charities; there's nothing wrong with them, but it's not the place where you'll catch fire and feel a sense of purpose. Also, working with women and children who are displaced, abused, etc., may come up later in your career, and it might be an area you've thought about for now, but it doesn't feel right "for now." Later.

I also see a library, not necessarily a huge building, but it fits in here somehow with what you will be doing in the next few months. Snap it up, I'm hearing. Find a local office, then you can move to a state-level one. It feels like an easier process than you may think it is.

Is this also something you've always known you wanted to do? There's something of the "mothering instinct" here as well, in terms of work AND love; the need to nurture, to naturally take over as a compassionate leader who just happens to be female. You'll one day have a staff who will appreciate you tremendously. Never burn any bridges, start looking for volunteer opportunities to get as close to the center of power, whether it be a place, person, or idea, as possible, right now, while you're still holding down this current job, and by the new year and just after, you can make the jump; I feel you'll be offered a paid position. It may not be as much as you'd like, but your gratification will come through your work; it will be a slight sacrifice, but there's a book called "Do What you Love: the Money Will Follow," and that's the kind of feeling I'm getting.

Again, in love, you're also a nurturer; you're going to find yourself wanting to "mother" someone in a sense, and there are improvements there, as well. I get initials, letters, first or last name, with A, J, R, and what looks/sounds like a W or a Y. I'm not sure if it's one or the other -- or both! There are many opportunities here, as well, but only after you make the leap into the new career area.

In both areas, watch for impatience and irritability; I feel like those are your "danger zones" or the more negative sides of your personality, which can emerge when you're just feeling low on self-confidence or are surrounded by too much external negativity. Generally, you hold up very well; do people say, "Where do you get your energy?" Also feel you're never a complainer; it's just not in your nature.

I wish I could put speed-skates on you and give you a gentle push ahead so you can get out of that place faster! It's a feeling of "dash! once you're gone, you're gone" from there. I feel like both your career and love life will change; the first, you'll have to take on yourself and place yourself in the area of public service where you want to be (while still holding your job for a few months). It's almost an immediate feeling, like if you just do this, put yourself out there, everything else (including love) will fall into place. I feel you'd do best with a Taurus or Gemini person; I'm feeling the spring season around a very interesting, dynamic, fun, intellectually stimulating person you'll meet through this change of work -- or I could be confusing that with the time when you actually MEET the person, i.e., in the spring.

Good luck! You have great energy.

Many blessings,


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